Welcome to my website. I am a New Zealander, who lived most of her life abroad, and has now returned home. I love making art from my little garden studio in lovely Kapiti, by the sea. I work primarily in clay, with excursions into stone, wood and fleece. I find inspiration in the beauty and ephemerality of nature, as well as in dreams, mythology, the power of the unconscious, and my love of animals. 

I work with both porcelain and stoneware clay and make both functional and sculptural ceramic forms.

My work is characterized by delicacy, sensitivity, and is informed by an appreciation of that which animates form: The quickening, reflecting, ever-changing forces of life, and all the magic and mystery of the unconscious realms.

I greatly enjoy the alchemy of fire, clay and glaze, and the element of surprise that this brings to each firing of work. I make most of my own glazes and am continually experimenting with new recipes, techniques and colours.  I frequently use glazes inspired by Chinese pottery such as faux celadon and Chun, as I seek surfaces that will reveal and enhance the delicate sculptural details of my forms.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University in Nova Scotia, Canada, where I spent many years, before returning  to New Zealand. I  won many awards and scholarships during my studies and have exhibited my artwork in both Nova Scotia and Quebec.

I also had a ceramic piece selected for exhibition in the Governor General’s House in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and have exhibited and sold art work at galleries, salons, and markets in Canada.

I have also been a full time teacher and single parent for many years, which kept my art production to a part time occupation.

I am now teaching part time and have established my first studio, in the garden of my home, where I drink tea, listen to music and let my imagination run wild.